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Ari previously worked as a book production editor for both Rethinking Schools and Jewish Currents. These are three of the projects he's most proud of.

Ari Bloomekatz, Teaching for Black Lives

“A handbook to help all educators fight racism.”
–The Washington Post

Teaching for Black Lives grows directly out of the movement for Black lives. We recognize that anti-Black racism constructs Black people, and Blackness generally, as not counting as human life. Throughout this book, we provide resources and demonstrate how teachers connect curriculum to young people’s lives and root their concerns and daily experiences in what is taught and how classrooms are set up. We also highlight the hope and beauty of student activism and collective action.

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The Israeli Black Panthers Haggadah

The Haggadah of the Black Panthers in Israel, written in 1971 on a stolen typewriter in a dark tin shack in Jerusalem, marked an important moment in the Mizrahi struggle. This bilingual (Hebrew/English) edition includes a new introduction by Reuven Abergel, a founder of the movement, and an updated English translation of the Haggadah alongside new footnotes rich with anecdotes, notes on the authors’ intentions, and crucial context about the Panthers and their world. There are also original essays about the Panthers’ impact and the future of the Mizrahi struggle from Orly Noy, and from Sapir Sluzker Amran and Carmen Elmakiyes Amos. All profits from sales after printing and production will be going directly to Reuven Abergel. Find out more about the Haggadah at

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A Flag of No Nation

"This is a living and essential book.”

—sam sax, author of Bury It and Madness

A meditation on world invention and collapse, A Flag of No Nation traces the stories of Turkish Jews in the 20th century, blind colonists in a white ocean, and performers enacting new rituals around a nationless flag. Through forms of storytelling that range from allegory to oral history, Tom Haviv investigates the history of Israel/Palestine and the mythologies of nationalism. A warning against imperfect dreams, and invitation to imagine something new, A Flag of No Nation reminds us how the act of remembrance can help us re-envision the future.

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